Meet Our Team


Hello friends, my name is Darma Pinem. I’m a local guide, conservationist, environmentalist and founder of Nature for Change. The Gunung Leuser National Park covers 7,927km2 in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. It is our job to protect the park’s ecosystem and our beautiful sanctuary for our closest genetic relative — the orangutans. I have devoted my life to the protection of the planet’s wildlife and the education of our local community. I work with experts, scientists, NGOs and local community leaders to ensure we build and grow a sustainable future together.


Have you ever found family that is not bound by blood, but rather by heart and passion? This is how I feel with Nature for Change. Working with NFC is such an amazing expirience because of its impact to the community and by building a more harmonious forest for human and
wildlife. I provide updates, manage social media, document our activies, and help with our communcation strategy. Kindly please keep supporting NFC and come to Sumatra to see our work with your own eyes.

Katharina Rembi Scott

Katharina is a successful model and actor with real-world experience as a driver for positive social change through fashion, film, art, advertising, and philanthropy. Through international partnerships, movement building, community collaboration, and education, she uses her talent and resources to create meaningful and inspiring action around climate change, gender equality, and social justice issues. Katharina visited Nature for Change for the first time in 2019 and is one of the newest members of the team.

Zac Mills

Zac first met Darma in 2013 and has been active with the journey of Nature for Change since its inception. A former World Bank economist and governance expert, Zac has replaced the suit, tie, and briefcase with adventure clothing, camera equipment, and hiking backpacks. With his life now dedicated to wildlife photography and conservation, Zac is continously inspired by Darma, Nayla, and everyone in the NFC team.